WOAH Nelly!

Man oh man, where have I been? LOL Well, Indiana, not once but twice in the last month for a total of like 2 weeks and in between trying to work and get ready for Christmas and all that good stuff. This is the first time ever that my tree was up longer than 1 day after Christmas. Now it’s crunch time and back to work on Monday so I’m sure my weekend will be a busy one!
But I just had to come here today and share all the fabulous stuff that is going on in digi-world!!
First…have you seen Gotta Pixel?? New Year, new look!! OMGOSH it is fabulous! I am soooo loving the colors and redesign! Check it out, check it out!!! And make sure you check out all the rockin’ kits that are coming your way to celebrate the new design. I have a couple of kits to work with and first free moment I have, I am going to do just that! They are amazing!! Did you see my new header? That’s something new from Etc. by Danyale. She is sooo fabulous and just a rockin’ chick! Aaaand starting tomorrow morning, she has her own chat at GP, with gifts!! I guarantee a fun time!! Check it out!

There are also going to be a ton of new and revamped challenges, so head on over and check out all the great new stuff going on!!!

And on another exciting note….Katherine aka Flutter Expressions has a birthday coming up and all her followers are going to get the gifties…Check this out!!

She has a great new kit that I am chomping at the bit to work with, just waiting on time to allow! Here’s a sneak…..

Make sure you head over to her store at SUN and see it in all it’s goodness!!! I think that’s it for me right now, but I will be back a little sooner next time! Hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year’s Eve!!

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