Wow, it’s Saturday again!

Hey, hey everyone! Well, I don’t guess making it back in a week is so bad LOL Can’t say as I’ve done a whole big bunch this last week. It rained the first part of the week and we just kinda stayed in and did nuttin’! I did reformat my computer, so it took me some time to get everything back up and running. Spent the rest of the week at the pool! I’m determined I’m going to have a good tan before we go to the beach next week, so I don’t fry when we get there LOL. I can’t wait to get there. A good friend of mine is there this week and she keeps sending me pictures from their trip and making me long for it even more. Going to be a busy week coming up, getting ready to go. I have to get a new tire on the Hummer, everyone needs haircuts, and I have to leave the house in some kind of order.
I have done a little scrapping this week and have some great new kits to show you!!

A+ Designs has this great new kit out at Gotta Pixel and Scrapbook Bytes…..even if she is reminding me that I Gotta Go Back!!

Here’s my layout with this one 🙂

Liz aka Sweet Digi Scraps has 2 new kits out at Gotta Pixel this week!
First is Photo Shoot! This one is on my list to work with today 🙂

EDITED to add my layout 🙂

And next is this goodie called Chinatown!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! I’m going to be mowing the grass and such today 🙂 But right now I’m going to head over and update my 365 page! xoxo

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