Fabulous Friday :)

Happy Friday, everyone!! Haven’t been around much because we’ve been on the go alot! Left last Thursday for Indiana to visit my Mother in law for the holiday weekend. The trip up there was quite interesting as my wonderful *eye roll* DH jinxed us before we set out!! We were supposed to take his car because it’s easier on gas, he wanted to show it off, etc, etc. Well, that morning he sends me a text saying he thinks we should take the Hummer instead because there’s a tire on the car that needs replacing and he’s afraid it will go flat on us. So we set out about noon, get about 2 hours up the road and POW…rear tire blows on the Hummer! Not just goes flat, blows totally out…fix a flat ain’t takin’ care of that one! It’s my photo of the day for earlier this week so you can see what it looks like on my 365 page when I get it uploaded there LOL. To top it off, we are on this windy 2 lane road that is heavily traveled by semis because it connects highways and there is no shoulder, just a ditch. My driver side tires were riding the white line on the side of the road the whole time. I had the kids hurry out and stand clear. The Hummer is leaning in to the ditch, but DH gets the jack and starts cranking her up. Meanwhile, the van that was behind me when the tire blew had pulled over and the driver walked back to where we were to see if he could help. He’s pushing against the Hummer, DH is jacking away (lil giggle)….they get it up, get the tire off, and grab the spare off the back and then realize it’s not high enough. Hubby starts jacking again (tee hee) and then “oh shit” the Hummer slid right off the jack. Sigh……. Now what? So, van guy goes to clear out a spot in his van for me and kids to take us to a gas station to find help….DH is on the GPS and cell trying to find a wrecker service to come help….kids and I are just standing and sweating, hoping no one wipes us out LOL. About that time a truck pulls in the ditch to see if we need help and says he has a floor jack and just lives a mile up the road, he’ll run get it! I could have kissed him (he was kinda cute, too) LOL So, thank you to Mr. Dually Driving Farmer with the Floor Jack…MWAHHH!!
The rest of the trip wasn’t as eventful…fairly relaxing outside of 10 hours in the car each way. We got back Monday and I’ve been trying to play catch up on the house and some of my CT stuff since I was without internet completely while we were gone. Gonna have some good stuff to show you this weekend! Gonna do a post today and be back tomorrow with more 🙂
Kristine has a fabulous new kit called Divine and it is indeed Divine!!
Take a look! Image is linked!

Here’s my layout…..
And make sure you check out her blog HERE!! She is always so full of goodies!! 🙂 Hope everyone has had a super Friday and is ready to pack some fun in the weekend! See ya tomorrow!

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