Fabulous Friday!

Good morning, world! Happy, happy Friday!! Hope everyone has a fantastic fun-filled weekend planned! We don’t have much planned at this point but spontaneity is always a great thing. We are planning to go to a Luau tonight at the Elk’s lodge…Pina Coladas, Strawberry Margaritas, Hawaiian Mixers, and Hawaiian Cuisine…should be a fun time 🙂 Morgan comes back from the beach tomorrow. She’s been there for over a week with her dad. I think Chance has really missed aggravating her and vice versa. He’s not used to being alone.

On the subject of Chance…his new obsession is Toy Story and his birthday was almost totally Toy Story related. But through all of it, I am really starting to wonder about the creators of this movie LOL I keep hearing things all over the house like “I’m going to play with my Woody”, “I’ve got a big Woody”, “I have a Buzz”, and “My Woody is having a sleepover” hahahaha I have laughed and laughed every time a new one comes out. And believe me, there have been a lot of them!!

Now on to some scrappy stuff!
ScrapShana has a new kit coming out today! It’s so fabulous….Take a look at Doodle Me Happy!
Here’s my layout:
I’ll be back to link up the kit shortly!! – now linked!!

Ooooh and in other news….A+ Designs is joining the team at Polka Dot Plum!! How exciting…I’m looking forward to posting and being a part of the community there 🙂 You can check out her store HERE.

AND you might want to check out Kristine’s Blog today…there might be a freebie there for ya (ok, there is….so go get it) HERE!

If I think of anything I forgot, I’ll be back! Not sure what I am getting in to today…gonna be hot and sunny, so I think something outdoors is in order!! 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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