Poor Poor Neglected Blog!!

Wow…has it really been that long since I was here!! Chalk it up to real life I suppose LOL Lots going on the last month or so! DS graduated from AIT at Fort Sam Houston so DD and I made a trip to TX…stayed for 5 days and did some sight seeing things! We had a blast!! Anyway…DS is back here now, got a job with the local rescue squad and is looking for a place of his own. Work is just a PITA! And for the longest time all the snow and winter stuff just really got me down! But I’m back and hopefully to do a much better job keeping this thing updated!! LOL I’m not going to try to back track but if you check out my designers you will see that they have come out with some fabulous stuff lately!! I’m just going to take it from here and go forward 🙂 I wanted to share a couple of new kits that I have loved loved loved working with! Images are linked 🙂
First up is Daybreak by Designs by Kristine! Gorgeous colors and fabulous elements!!

Here’s my layout with this one!

Next up is Whispers by A+ Designs and Danimoy Designs!! Another gorgeous kit!

Here’s my layout with this one!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and I’ll be back soon!!!

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