Story and a couple of new kits to share :)

Ok, so here’s the story LOL We bought a Wii about this time last year…great fun and had a ball with it until about 2 months later when it stopped working. With it being under warranty I packaged it all up, contacted Nintendo, got my shipping label, and gave it to DH to take to the FedEx shipping place. It sat and sat and sat. Fast forward to now, warranty expired, package never sent ….DH decides to take it apart himself (“I can fix this thing!!”). Well, before he could do that he had to order special screwdrivers to take it apart which he found on ebay. When he got it open, lo and behold, someone one had stuck a metal washer in the slot on the front!! He took it out, put it back together, and it is working again! Needless to say, that is all we have heard since….he calls himself a “Wiinius” He is such a dork LOL I’m glad he was able to fix it…but my gosh…how hard was it to drop it off at the FedEx place? MEN! hahahaha So I am also looking for suggestions on great games if anyone has any….We didn’t have it working long enough before to have many.

And now some gorgeous new releases from my fabulous designers!!

From Sweet Digi Scraps at Gotta Pixel…I’m lovin’ this, so look for more!

From A+ Designs – Full of Grace at Scrapbook Bytes…such a gorgeous kit

From QueenPamedalah at Digiscrapaganza….gorgeous colors!! and free with $3 purchase!

3 Replies to “Story and a couple of new kits to share :)”

  1. Oh Jan that is to funny!! I will check with my sister, they have it and more games than you can count. I will ask her what the good ones are. By the way they get them at “Game Exchange” Have a great one!!


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