Friday and a Snow day!!!

Woot! Finally got a snow day in all this winter weather we had!! DD has not been to school since before Christmas break! I think the superintendent got in a little trouble over not releasing early the day the big storm came. I blogged about it earlier if you want to know what I’m talking about 🙂 So I guess today I will spend some time cleaning and some time shoveling LOL We are actually supposed to warm up above freezing next week!! It’s been in the teens for highs for the most part with sub zero wind chills! Ohhh how I was not made to live in this cold! Back to work has been an adjustment. We have been on 2 hour delays all week except yesterday and they released us 2 hours early…maybe they are easing us back in to the routine hahaha. Going on regular schedule for a whole week will probably do me in!!

I wanted to swing by here this morning and let everyone know about the great freebie that Kristine has on her blog today!! Woot! You must go and check it out!! There’s a preview in my CT Stuff section over there —————–>

I’ll be back soon to show you the awesome new release from Flutter Expressions…and if you’re interested, check out my 365 blog for my photos and Week 1 layout! It’s linked over there —-> too!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and weekend!!

One Reply to “Friday and a Snow day!!!”

  1. Hiya hunny!

    Thanks so much for the pimp!!! Mwah!!

    We're so excited we got 3″ of snow last night for a total of 5' !!! Hubs is going ski-dooing for teh afternoon..I had to stay put and wait for the water truck…ROFL I feel teh need to shower…not go sledding. HAHA


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