Well, I finally got free from the snow and the car blocking the driveway last Thursday…almost a week and that car never moved! None of the towing services would come down here to get it out. Finally on Thursday, Mercer Wrecker came…I was so excited…I stood at the window and watched, snapped a couple of pictures so I could document my excitement. Then I watched as they had the back part of the car loaded up, put it back down and left…WTH!! DH called them and they were very rude, saying someone was watching them but no one brought them keys to the car and they would not come back. For starters, it’s not my car and I don’t have keys to it…I assume they were talking about me watching. The neighbors did not see them come, nor did they go to the door to ask for keys…either mine or theirs…they just left. So I spent the rest of the day bad mouthing them to everyone I could find! Later in the day, another service came along and finally I was free!!! But *sigh* ever since then, DH(who had to have a rear wheel drive BMW that’s sitting being babied in a garage during the snow) has been driving my Hummer to work because Aaron is using my dad’s jeep while he is in…so I haven’t been much of anywhere.
Christmas was good…everyone was happy 🙂 Aaron got money, which is what he wanted…Morgan got her cell phone and that’s all she cared about…and Chance was showered with Transformers! I got a new lens for my camera so I can finally start taking all my pictures again. I think I am going to give the 365 thing a go again this year…we’ll see…I think I made it to the middle of April last year LOL. I am also going to set a goal for the year to update this blog more often! hahaha Again, we’ll see!
We are off to mom’s today for Christmas dinner…a little late…but it’s been one of those years. The snow and all really messed with everyone’s plans. On Friday we are going to Charlotte to spend the night and put Aaron on a plane back to Texas early Saturday morning. His visit sure went by fast and it doesn’t seem like I have seen him much at all. He pretty much comes here to sleep half the day and then off again.
I hope everyone has a fabulous New Year! Here’s to filling 2010 with memories and making it even better than 2009

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