Stuck, snowbound, trapped ugh!!

Ok so here’s the story LOL We got slammed by the snow storm that made it’s way up the east coast on Friday! We ended up with 18″ by the time it was over! And for those of you that don’t know, I live in it’s not just snow to deal with…everything is either uphill, downhill, curvy, mountainous, or all of the above! Aaron was scheduled to fly in to Charlotte, NC (it’s about a 3 hour drive from here) that morning and the plane made it fine and dandy…but that’s where it got interesting. They released my school division at 11am on Friday so I took the Hummer to DH and he brought me home where I proceeded to take a nap while Morgan was still at school. My ex had gone to pick up Aaron at the airport and we had all thought they would make it in before the brunt of the storm hit. Well, I woke up from my nap around 2 and the ground was white….so I spent the next couple of hours pacing the floor with everyone in my family out and about somewhere. Morgan calls about 3:30 and had missed the bus at school. I couldn’t go get her because I had no car, Randy didn’t answer his phone, and my mom and dad had already picked up my neice and were taking her home. I think there were some issues with cell phones because I couldn’t get a single call through to anyone. So, Morgan’s BFF’s dad went to pick them up. By this time, the roads were getting pretty bad, so I told Morgan via text (the only way I could get through to her) to tell Summer’s dad not to try to get to our house, to drop her off at the back of the subdivision where the bus usually stops. I didn’t know at that time that it was going to take them over 2 hours to get from the high school to this point which is about a 2 mile drive. In the mean time, my ex and Aaron were coming in to Wytheville, VA which is about 30 min from here and then bam…dead stopped there on the interstate. I told them they should pull off and stay there for the night, but what do I know? Then back to texting Morgan telling her just to go home with Summer! Randy had come home and slid down our hill sideways and I knew the roads to get here were not much better. Trying to call my 72 year old parents who are still out on the road somewhere…I’m pacing the house…ugh! They finally get home about 5:30 after spending 2 hours trying to get home…another little sigh of relief! About 6, Morgan makes it to Summer’s house…again, sigh! Now, Aaron….they have been stuck on I77 for 2 hours at this point about 2 miles north of Wytheville. So I am on the phone with a friend, who has a friend who lives there…trying to come up with some way to get them out of there. Why didn’t they listen to me earlier? Like I said, who am I? LOL So fast forward another 2 hours and 500 phone calls, they finally are able to plow through the median and go back to Wytheville and get in a hotel. Big sigh! My family may not be home but at least they are safe somewhere! There were actually school buses still out on the road at 10 that night trying to get kids home or safe somewhere…can you imagine how scared some of the little ones must have been? And needless to say there were some angry parents who had to go back out in the storm to pick up there kids from various locations. I’m guessing the superintendent had some very angry phone calls for not releasing early, knowing the storm was coming. So, now I can relax a little, right? Well, I walk to the front door a little later, look out the window and see a car at the top of the driveway. Look and think hmmmm where’s my mailbox? LOL Turned out to be my neighbor who had been driving all afternoon to get home and said “I figured I had made it this far, what could it hurt to try the hill?” men!! LOL Lots of apologies and “I’ll get that fixed and that car out of the way” followed. Ok, so fast forward again….Aaron made it home Saturday….Morgan was at Summer’s until yesterday….and that damn car is still sitting across the top of my driveway!! We shoveled the’s so clear and nice…and I drive a Hummer for crying out loud…but I still can’t leave this house!!! The neighbor’s car now won’t start and no tow services seem to have time to come down here and pull him out of the way. Ahhhhh cabin fever is setting in! Randy hasn’t been to work the last 2 days! And to think, Morgan was supposed to be in school yesterday and today, Randy at work, and I was supposed to have peace! Sigh! But I’ve just decided ya gotta laugh…after all, we’re just making memories and stories to tell!!
Here’s a few pictures đŸ™‚

that’s the car blocking my escape!! LOL

2 Replies to “Stuck, snowbound, trapped ugh!!”

  1. Jan, sounds like my life last Friday. Kati and I came up our driveway (sideways!), then 19 year old Craig was over 2 hours late. Didn't know where he was, and couldn't get a cell call through. Eventually all safe, BUT now with 18″ of snow on my long driveway, we are stuck!!! We can go down, but you can't get back up! Walking up the hill with groceries is NOT much fun.

    Merry Christmas!!


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