Omgosh, has it really been that long since I was here last!! Wow. Well, all I can say is October was one whirlwind of a month!! We spent a couple of days in SC watching DS #1 graduating from Basic Training…proud mama 🙂 He then flew off to Texas to finish his training and we headed to the beach to spend a couple of days in the sun…that was nice 🙂 All except the part where I got sick right before we left for the graduation and stayed sick for 2 weeks!! UGH!! I didn’t even open photoshop or even get on the computer…all I could do after work was lay on the couch and be miserable LOL. Good news is that no one else caught it and *knock wood* we are all healthy here…unlike so many right now! Soooo I spent the next week or so trying to get caught up on all that I was behind on for the wonderful ladies I CT for….they are awesome 🙂 I am going to try to be more regular with this blog thing….I’m working on a schedule for myself so I don’t feel so all over the place all the time!! I don’t think I am going to spend a bunch of time today posting all my layouts…I think I will start fresh from here. But I will fill you in on some great stuff that is going on around digi-world!!

First, if you love challenges make sure to head over to Digital Scrap Garden! They have sooo many wonderful challenges and everyone there is so awesome!!

Next, Gotta Pixel is having a birthday celebration…omgosh you really need to check out their list of prizes!! WOW!!!

Oooh and iNSD is coming and Digiscrapaganza has some awesome stuff planned starting tomorrow….I’ll be posting more about that soon…so check back!!!

Hmmmmm let me think if there is anything else………………… Ohhhh I’ll be back if I think of something 🙂

Hope everyone has a great day!!

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