Good stuff!!

Ahhhh a Tuesday evening! LOL School was closed today due to some water contamination in the county and I should have had the day off…but no, I was scheduled to sit on an interview team and had to go in for that so I ended up with half a day off. Someone asked me if I was mad about it and I said well, since I don’t live in that county, at least I got to go home and use my water!!! Hahaha…it’s really not funny….they are going to have to boil water for everything for the next week or so!! And they are sending us back to school tomorrow with bottled water, paper plates and lots of hand sanitizer.
But on to the real reason I am here…You have got to see this cute cute kit released today from Flutter Expressions – Funtime in the Suntime mini – Isn’t it the cutest!!! Love it, love it!
Get it at SUN, ESS, or Scrapable!

Also released today is this fab collaboration between Flutter Expressions and GET Designs at Pretty Scrappy! You can pick it up at Scrapable and it’s 25% off!

Here’s another great kit that’s just been released from ScrapShana at Digiscrapaganza…It’s called Earth Angel and it’s just gorgeous!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week…..I’ll be back if I can remember what it is I’m forgetting LOL

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