A blogging we will go…..

LOL I can’t for the life of me come up with any catchy titles for my posts, so you’ll just have to live with my idiocy! Hahaha So I am still not blogging as much as I had intended to, but I do think about it every day!!! So much to do and so little time left in my summer vacation. Down to 3 1/2 weeks…sigh….It’s gone by so fast and seemed soooo crazy!!
This weekend is my 25th High School Reunion…OMG…how old am I?? Not many are coming, not sure why….out of a class of 275 and 184 invitations sent…30-some are coming. I’ll be missing some of my dearest friends from HS but thanks to Facebook, I’ve hooked up with many I hadn’t spoken to for years!! I guess we have already had our virtual reunion! 🙂
Sunday we leave for the beach!! I can’t wait!! Weeeeee Sand and sun, here I come. One of these days I am going and never coming back!!
So, what in the scrappy world do I have to share today….. Well, If you head over to Kristine’s blog you can get a great mini-kit for free…it’s called Colors of Jan…yep, named after ME!! Kristine had asked all her CT members a while back for their fav colors and this is what she came up with for me!! I love it!!! And you can go grab it up for yourself!!

I am working on a hybrid CD album with a great kit by Liz aka Sweet Digi Scraps called Growing Up Boy…it’s coming along slowly…but I’ll get it done eventually and will share when I do 🙂 I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and an awesome week coming up!! I’ll be around a bit I’m sure…I’m taking the laptop and should have sporadic internet access 🙂

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