Ramblin’ and Pimpin’

Whew…what a week it’s been!! Too much going on and not enough play time LOL. Monday was mom’s birthday…she is 71 years old and going strong. She has Rheumatoid Arthritis but she sure doesn’t let it slow her down. My dad got her a Wii for her birthday…oh how I would love to be get some photos of that!! We went over there for Smores Pie (yum) and Ice Cream. My dad loves when he has something that needs to be hooked up and he can invite me over…I am his tech support! So we were there late getting the Wii hooked up and showing them how to use it. Omgosh, dad bought her this card…one of those musical ones…. on the front was this old lady holding a thong and when you open it, it says “growing up is mandatory, growing old is optional” and plays SUPERFREAK! LOL just a little disturbing when it’s your parents LOL.
Wednesday was orthodontist day. Morgan has to go every 3 weeks right now because she has this power chain on her top teeth and it has to be changed. It’s supposed to be closing the gap in her front teeth. Just a side note to parents, thumb sucking can be so cute and convenient when they are babies….but it sure can do some damage to teeth and it can be really hard to get them to stop…not like a pacifier that you can take away!
Anyway, Thursday was DH Randy’s birthday. He is 39, a little over 4 years younger than I am…which he reminds me of almost daily LOL. I just remind him that he is almost totally gray and I am not!! Also, I had a new table and chair set delivered that had to be put together. Me and my obsessiveness had to do that as soon as it came, so when that was done we went out for dinner and then back here for cake and stuff.
After being 75 for the last week, we woke up to about 4 inches of snow yesterday morning…. but no snow day, no delay, no nuttin’! Nothing stuck to the roads 😦 It was a pretty snow…wish I could have gotten some photos but with the time change, it is still dark when I leave for work now.
Ok so enough with the ramblin’ and on with the pimpin’. I finally just got tired of dealing with the EHD issues and went back to do a little scrappin’!! Check out this awesome kit from Ladybug Graphix at Digital Scrap Garden – Now and Then. Image is linked.

Here are the layouts I’ve done with it

I also did another layout with Jenn’s Lil Dreamer kit….This one was done for the template challenge at DSG. The fab template is by Carena!!

I’ve got some more layouts to work on this weekend 🙂 But housework is going to get in the way for a little while. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!! Thanks for peeking in!

2 Replies to “Ramblin’ and Pimpin’”

  1. You are awesome…. and yeah, I know all about thumb sucking LOL LOL but let Morgan know, that she is gonna even be more gorgeous once those braces come off…. Rhea looks fantastic!!! Thanks for doing such great LO’s with my kit.. you know I love ya!! {{HUGS}}


  2. Hey lady!! Dropin’ in to leave you some lovin’. Had to let you know that I got a real chuckle from incident with your parents and the Superfreak card. Would never have been able to imagine my Dad getting something like that for my Mom. I probably would have passed out from embarassment!! Sounds like you have had a really busy week. Make sure you take some time for you!! Love all the new layouts, you are certainly Rockin’ them out!!


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