Wow! A week?

Has it really been a week since I updated? Man, I’m getting bad! LOL Well, it was pretty much just a week….work, home, work, etc! I did a little running around…had to hit Goody’s last day open! I love that store and sooo hate to see it close down for good 😦 Went to eat Japanese Friday night and was sooo disappointed. We haven’t been there for a month or so and not only have they raised their prices and reduced their portions, it was just not as good. Maybe we just got a new chef or something, but I won’t be laying down $100 there again anytime soon.
Well, it was probably bound to happen sooner or later, but yesterday I’m sitting here having a little lunch…phone rings. DS #1 says, “Mom, I just wrecked my car a little”. Ok, first of all, are you ok? and second, what’s “a little”? He was on his way home from a JROTC/National Guard thing and it was raining pretty hard. He slid off the road a bit and scraped the front corner on the guard rail and when he tried to correct it, bumped the rear corner on the guard rail. It could have been a lot worse and Lord knows, I am the last one to say too much to anyone about denting up cars. I think I had my first accident within 2 months of getting my license and have had a few since then LOL. Which I am sure my parents will gladly tell him all about! Anyway, I had to get a little mad, that’s what parents do…then I pretty much told him sh** happens, just glad it wasn’t worse!
Now on to scrapping stuff….

A+ Designs has this great new kit called Winter’s Spring and a new store at Enchanted Studio Scraps!

Here’s my first layout with it!

Here’s the latest from Katherine aka Flutter Expressions…It’s called Spring Birthday! It’s available at Been There Scrapped That, Natural Designs in Scrapbooking, and Snap and Scrap.

And here is one layout I’ve done with it

Ohhhhh and you have got to check this out….The designers at Digital Scrap Garden have released their March Collaboration! It’s $8.95, but you can get it for FREE if you spend $10 or more in the shoppe 🙂

Make sure and head over there and check out all the great challenges, too!! You can earn seeds to get a discount and there are soooo many to choose from! And they have an awesome new designer to the Garden……Christy Skaggs!!

I think that catches me up…I have one other layout to post but it is on my EHD which is upstairs and I’m just too darn lazy to go up there and get it right now LOL Now I have to catch up my 365 blog and work on my weekly layout 🙂 Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!!

5 Replies to “Wow! A week?”

  1. Just stopped by to say hello…Love the kits you have up…When you get a chance stop by my blog and say hey to me…(((((((((Hugs)))))))


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