Ahhh Sundays!

I guess it’s time to do a little update 🙂 For starters, Nascar came back today WOOT! That signals to me that spring is not far behind!! And it has been in the 50’s close to 60 all weekend with gorgeous sunshine! It really picks up my spirits!! Spent a lot of time outside today…cleaned out the Hummer and watched Hubby play with his new toy! He bought a 2002 BMW 525i…oh my! There’s a pic of it on my 365 blog if you want to see it! I swear it is all he has talked about for 3 days now!! Chance loved getting outside, too….he rode his bike around in circles for the longest time!! The weather is supposed to stay this way for at least all of this week…which is great, but I will be dead by Friday having to go to work everyday and on time every day LOL. Tuesday, I am going to get my hair done FINALLY. My haidresser has been on maternity leave and I haven’t had my highlights since August! My roots got so bad that I went a couple of weeks ago and bought a temporary color that matched my natural color…which is dark brown…and I hate it!! I think I look much better as a blonde LOL The one thing I do know from the 4 inches of roots I had grown is that I am not gray under there LOL. Hubby has always teased me that I wouldn’t know if I was gray because I color it so much but I told him that if I was it sure would be showing up now 🙂
Ok…that’s probably enough rambling. I do have some layouts to share…..
I got to work with this great kit by Project B Designs at Groovy Scraps…I really love this one…it’s called Intensity…
Here are my layouts!

I also did this layout for a speed scrap at Get Digi With It….I used A+Designs’ Spring Flair and the swirl with hearts is by Dancing Princess Designs

I finished up the first session of the Miracle Gro Challenge at Digital Scrap Garden also…such a great challenge…all of them are!! I can’t say enough about that fabulous place!! All things here are by Ladybug Graphix!!!

I’m thinking that is it….If not I’ll get it up later 🙂 Thanks for looking in!! xoxo

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