Bad Bad Blogger!

I know I said I was going to come back and post those layouts, and I didn’t..shame on me! You know what I also did not do? I failed to recognize the one year anniversary of my first post here LOL. January 4, 2008 was the first! The only excuse I have is that this going back to work thing is kicking my butt! I got hardly any sleep on Sunday night because I was still in vacation mode…yesterday I had too many errands to do and was just tired so I went to bed early. Today, I’m thinking YES…nothing to do…go home and lay down on the couch for just a few minutes……so much for thinking. DS #1 calls on my way home and says, Mom….my car is stuck in the yard at the house! Sheesh!! It’s been raining here for days…we live on a hill…he got the bright idea to pull off the side of the driveway to leave room….STUCK! I worked on it forever and just seemed to make it worse (in my dress clothes, I might add, which are now covered in mud) …I told him no way am I pulling it with my Hummer LOL. So, DH comes home with a chain and pulls him out. Sooooooo…here we are 🙂
Now I’m here typing away and just realized all of the new layouts I have to post are on my EHD that is upstairs in the bedroom. Do I have the energy to go up there and get it?? Nope! I may end up there with the laptop in a little while…if I do I’ll post ’em, if not it’ll wait a little longer 🙂 I think I might do some blog hopping, haven’t done that for a few days!! Ya’ll have a good night and stay out of the mud!!

2 Replies to “Bad Bad Blogger!”

  1. Well I think you had a good excuse not to blog woman!! LOLI’m off to bed soon. We are settling in for a freezing rain storm tonight…school might be closed tomorrow…ah hell…LOL


  2. LOL..sounds here with all the rain..we had so much rain today…we have flash flood warnings..good thing I live on a hill..LOLHope your week getts better!I’m with ya on the work thing..lolhugs Traci


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