Happy Sunday!!

Well, officially the last day of my Christmas break *sigh* Thanks Traci and Dee for reminding me…….NOT LOL. Ah well, to look on the bright side we are almost to the half way point in the school year!!
I have a couple of things I wanted to share today! First of all…..

Happy Birthday Katherine!!!

It’s her birthday and she is going to be giving away gifts all week! She has made 5 mini kits that she will start giving away tomorrow and every day til Friday. Make sure and head over to her blog! I linked her Happy Birthday message πŸ™‚

Also, my friend Kerri posted a link to this site at BTST and it looks like it is going to be a great one! It just started up on Jan. 1….thought you might want to check it out!!

I swiped this off the owners blog πŸ™‚ It’s linked!

I do have a few layouts to share, but I hope to get some more done today. I think I will hold off and come back tonight and just post them! I just wanted to share those things while they were fresh on my mind! Hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday!

5 Replies to “Happy Sunday!!”

  1. That looks like it’s gonna be a cool site can’t wait to check it out, thanks for sharing! *sigh* yes the end of christmas break, man it’s a bummer LOL.


  2. Hope your day today was a good one! Mine was great. I don’t officially have students until the 20th…gotta get all those 1st graders screened to see if they can be identified as gifted! See you at the garden!


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