Whoa Nelly!

LOL I figured I should get a new post up here because I have so much I need to share!! And if you get through it all…God Bless You!! LOL And thanks for looking 🙂
I am trying to get as much done as I can scrap-wise before I have to go back to w-o-r-k. This is the long haul…if we don’t get snow days, there’s no real breaks til Easter!
And away we go 😉
Katherine aka Flutter Expressions has this great new kit coming soon to BTST, NDISB, and Snap & Scrap! Wow is it gorgeous! Let me show you Snow Crystals!

And here are the first two layouts I’ve done with it! I used them both in Challenges at Digital Scrap Garden!

I will definitely be using this kit again and again!
Ohhh and Katherine has a desktop freebie on her blog. Make sure and check it out and sign up for her new newsletter…it’ll have lots of goodies!! She’s also got some surprises coming up in the next few days 🙂

I’ve also been trying to get a jump on some of the challenges at DSG! They are so much fun and you can earn seeds that can be turned in to cash in the shoppe!! Here are some of the layouts I’ve done for those….

This was done for Carena’s Template Challenge. I used a template by Carena and Love Bug Kit by Helene at Scrapbook Graphics.

This was done for Karen’s Scraplift Challenge. I used Fall Delight by Natali Designs.

This was done for the new Technique Challenge. For this one I used Grandma Got Run Over by Scraps by Jenn…acrylic alpha by Sweet Digi Scraps.

This was done for Ladybug’s Inspiration Challenge. I used her kit Blossom for this one 🙂

This was for the Desktop Challenge. Desktop template by Ladybug and the kit is Wedgewood by Dancing Princess Designs.

And this was done for Dee’s Secret Garden Challenge. All things here are by Dee’s Delightful Desgins. Oh..and I should add…no, Morgan is not really drinking the tequila LOL

I think that’s all of ’em for now…If I think of any I missed I’ll be back…or save them for another day 🙂 Thanks for looking!

7 Replies to “Whoa Nelly!”

  1. Hiya honey!! Your layouts are awesome… I’ve been trying to get some of the challenges done too!! there sure is enough of them.. LOL LOL I’m gonna miss having you around when school starts up!! {{HUGS}}


  2. LOL Now you remind me of… ME! I had 40+ challenges completed by the end of January last year. Then I started to slide, and by December I think I may have completed 1 challenge!Great LOs! Which remind me I need to get my swatch up for Rainbow when I get home… 😛


  3. Stoppin’ in to say a quick hello. Lovin’ all the layouts, you are certainly rockin the challenges!! I am looking forward to school starting back up here, only cause I get more ME time….LOL. Enjoy your last bit of time off. Catch you soon. Blessings!!!


  4. oh and the count down is on..LOL only 2..yep 2 more day and back to work..LOL..just thought I would reminde ya..LOL..Love the layouts they are awesome. Have a great weekend1 Hugs Traci


  5. Just stopping by to remind you ….we only have today left of the Christmas break! Then WE have to go back! I just love all those layouts you’ve done..They are absolutely awesome!


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