Just a Quickie

Just a quickie update! It’s been a busy busy busy week!! It basically started last Saturday. I loaded up Chance and Aaron’s gf (I need a medal for that one) and went an hour up the road to Aaron’s Christmas Dinner with the National Guard. It was very nice but made for a long day. Got home from that and was going to get the house cleaned up but hubby decided we should go out to eat….I’m not one to pass up not cooking, so off again! I did clean some when we got back and finished up Sunday morning. Morgan had a friend spend the night so I put them both to work. We cleaned, did some grocery shopping and put up the outside Christmas decorations….then we loaded up and went to get the tree. Spent the rest of Sunday decorating it and cooking. Monday brought work and shopping. I had to finish up for my kids a school, co-workers, and everything for Chance’s day care. Tuesday evening brought more shopping to finish up what wasn’t done Monday. Last night was wrapping night and I got sick!! Of all the times!!! Tonight I finished up a keyplate album that I had done for a friend of her grandson. It turned out so well…I meant to take pix before wrapping it but I forgot….I’ll try to get some when she opens it. I haven’t done too many hybrid things and I was really pleased with how this turned out! Anyway, after tomorrow…2 weeks vacation!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyy! I’ll be back to post some layouts this weekend…I haven’t really done any this week…I’m having withdrawal…but I’ll make up for it on vacation. Hope everyone has a great Friday!! Oooh and take a peek over at Digital Scrap Garden….they have a new look and it’s fantastic!!

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