What a Week!

Man oh man! I guess it’s time to catch up a bit again LOL This week has been a whirlwind and I am so beat! Morgan’s Encore group (she had to try out for this choir) has been having their performances this week, so it’s been a lot of running! Morgan had a solo this year and she did soooo well! I was one proud mama!! Aaron had his Senior Project Presentation this week, also. They have to do a big presentation with models, speeches, powerpoints, etc…done in front of a panel of judges….as a graduation requirement. He’s such a slacker, I didn’t know if he would get it done or not. His was on Japanese Internment Camps in WWII. Well, the little booger scored a 98.8 on his presentation and a 98.6 on his model! Another proud mama moment!! We’ve also had to do dentist and orthodontist appts. this week…ugh! They are calling for snow tonight (crossing my fingers)…if ever I could use a snow day!!
I had said to myself last weekend that I was going to try to do a layout a day but that just hasn’t happened! I’m going to play catch up with my two weeks off 🙂 Ohhh but I did get a nice surprise….my layout “Love” (you can see it in Dec. 3 post, the one of Chance that says Love you) was voted Layout of the Week at Snap and Scrap!! Yay! Let me see if I have anything new to share since the last post……

This was done for the ABC Challenge at Been There Scrapped That. I used Chill Out Remix Edition by Colie’s Corner at BTST.

This was done for a speed scrap at Digital Scrap Garden. It was a lot of fun!! Thanks to Mary (Catlady) and Angie (Babydoll) for hosting. I used Flutter Expressions Bold and Dirty Kit for this one!

This was done for the template challenge at Digital Scrap Garden! Template is by Carena at DSG and I used Ritzy Lulu by Flutter Expressions.

This was done for the Scraplift Challenge at Digital Scrap Garden. I used their fabulous Nov. Collaboration Kit.

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