Catch up time!

Well, let’s see…where do I start? The trip to IN went well…it just takes so long to get there. We are in the far southeast corner of WV and they are in the far northwest corner of IN, just outside of, we basically cross 3 states. It’s normally a 9-10 hour drive, but it was 11 coming back with the rain and snow and traffic. We stopped about 6 hours in going up and stayed in a hotel. Not the nicest, but I couldn’t see dropping 100 bucks to sleep LOL. I’m cheap like that! So, Morgan is turning down the bed in the hotel mumbling to herself “please no stains, please no stains” hahaha I was cracking up! When we got there I did quite a bit of cleaning..probably more than I would have at home! MIL has had some family members staying with her, supposedly to help out and clean and what not…well, the upstairs where they had been was filthy and they hadn’t paid rent!! Even Morgan got out the vacuum…and if she thought it was bad…it was bad! The rest of the house wasn’t much better. They moved out they day before we got there! Then I spent the rest of the day cooking a ham and fixings for us that night. We did turkey and all the trimmings on Friday when BIL and his family came over. I did a turkey in the oven and the guys did one outside in the deep fryer…mmmmm that’s the best!! I did get some scrapping done and I’ll post those at the end!
The December Challenges are in full swing at Digital Scrap Garden…they are so much fun…ya’ll should check them out! Everyone there is sooo super sweet!! And let me just show you the December Collaboration there!!

Now I want to share a couple of kits from Flutter Expressions…these are available at Been There Scrapped That, Natural Designs in Scrapbooking, and SnapnScrap!!

And here are my layouts using these kits 🙂

And if you made it this far…congrats…you have wayyy more patience than I probably would LOL

3 Replies to “Catch up time!”

  1. lol @ Morgan “please no stains, please no stains”Im so sorry that they left such a mess, some people just dont care.Love the new kits and your layouts are wonderful!


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