I feel so loved :)

Look what I got from Angie aka babydoll!! She made my day this morning with this one! How cute is that! Angie is a real sweetheart who is dipping her toes into designing. I wish her all the luck in the world. She’s off to a great start 🙂 Check out her blog here.

I’m going to send this out to all my buddies over there in that list —–> You guys are all so awesome!

Not sure when I will get an update done again…We are supposed to be headed out on Wednesday for Indiana to my MIL’s house. Not looking forward to the drive but we may just split it up, at least going up there. If it snows we are staying put. But for now I am trying to get motivated to get ready to go…packing and what not. So, I’ll take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Here’s to full tummies and happy times!!!

3 Replies to “I feel so loved :)”

  1. You are so welcome Jan!!! I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and safe trip to Indiana, where at in Indiana? Well be safe and talk to you when you get back!!!


  2. I knew immediately why you were so happy to see him fall. lol. It warms the heart to know that 2 states now hate Michigan. 🙂Drive safely. Unfortunately you may hit snow here in Ohio. Wave at my when you drive through Columbus. LOL I’m just south of I70.Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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