Sunday Bloody Sunday

Not really…I just typed Sunday and all of a sudden that song by U2 popped in my head! That one is back from my college days before U2 was even mainstream music. I remember watching their concert from Red Rocks on VHS over and over (ahh the days before DVD and the VCR I had even had a remote with a cord!!). LOL That’s my flashback for today!
I got awarded again ๐Ÿ™‚ Katherine aka Flutter Expressions gave me the same award as Kerri (see earlier post)! She is such a sweetheart and fabulous designer. Gonna have some more news from her coming up! I already listed my loves and let me this time just pass it on to anyone reading this ๐Ÿ™‚ When I started this blog I honestly didn’t think anyone would LOL Every comment I get is appreciated more than you know! So to all of you….MWAH!
I did a quick layout this morning to try again to show off that fabulous Mega Kit – Circle of Friends from the designers at DSG. There is soooo much there!!

And for now I am off to get chores done and get ready for the movie this afternoon! Morgan and I haven’t had a girl’s day out for awhile, so it should be fun, even if the movie sucks LOL Hahah Sucks, Vampires, hahaha Ok sometimes I just crack myself up. Anyway….ya’ll have a great Sunday!!

6 Replies to “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

  1. ohh that is a flashback remotes with the cords, and they were never long enough were they someone always ended up being caught in them , people pets etc. hehe


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