Cold, cold, cold…and stuff!

We got some more snow yesterday morning…I called in to work, didn’t want to chance it! Not so much worried about myself in the Hummer but the other idiots on the road who think they can drive in the snow! We live on some really hilly and curvy roads! Turns out that around 2 or 3 yesterday afternoon I wished I had been at work…the power went out and it was about 20 degrees outside! With elec heat, the house got cold real quick. We ended up leaving about 5 and going out to eat to stay warm. The power came back on sometime while we were gone, thank goodnes! Today brings house cleaning YAY (can you read the sarcasm)LOL. Tomorrow DD and I have a date with her best friend and her mother to go see Twilight if it’s not sold out. DD read the book (I was so thrilled she was reading) and then I read it…finished it up last week.

Now on to some business LOL
Have you seen the fabulous Nov Mega Kit at DSG?? Omgosh it is fantastic! Huge and right now on sale for $4.25! Get it here!

Here is a layout I did with it!

Here are a couple of layouts that I categorize as “Layouts I will be hated for”!! LOL

This one was done using Monarch Dreams….soon to be released from Flutter Expressions.

This one was done using Lakehouse Kit by ChrissyW and Angie Kovacs at Elemental Scraps.

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!!

6 Replies to “Cold, cold, cold…and stuff!”

  1. Dont you hate it when the power goes out! We have propane heat but fan is electrical so no heat here either lolI just love your layouts as always. I hope some day to be as good as you.


  2. Let me know how the movie was, my 10 year old Grandson wants to see it and I really don’t know that much about it(other than it seems uber awesome according to all the ads for it!) Stay warm !! love the new layouts!


  3. would you feel really jealous if I said, I had the logfire on this morning, so snuggly and warm!Hope your power stays on, in the cold now!Take care – love the layout you will be hated for! They’re the best aren’t they, those are the ones I plan on packaging for a 16th, 18th or 21st Birthday as a present! And putting on a screen at a wedding – am I mean?! 😉HugsKerri


  4. Oh Jan I am so sorry that the power went out, I am so jealous I read all four books in no time, I LOVE THEM!!! And I didn’t like to read, lol well my dd got me hooked on them, so now i have went on to read other vampire books, when I can since i am always scrapping now, lol but when we go anywhere I read, lol Hubby laughs at me. But the movie has been sold out here so we are going to wait til the crowd calms down to go. Try to stay warm, and thanks Jan for dl the kit and making a layout!! You are great!!!


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