Another one of those weeks!

It’s becoming another one of those weeks….you know, the ones with no time for anything..well, anything I really want to do LOL. I had a great b’day yesterday and I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful wishes that were left for me here and around digi-world. They are appreciated more than you know!! Got home really late from mom’s last night and this time changes is kicking my butt! I hate it!! When the sun goes down, I want to go to bed hahaha. This evening I had to rush home and get Morgan (they had the day off for election day…not me :(). She had to go be with her dad’s side of the family (For those who don’t know…Aaron and Morgan are from my previous marriage…the good things that came from it). But anyway, their great-grandmother passed away on Sunday, so she needed to be at the Funeral Home. I felt like I needed to visit for a few minutes, since I was a part of that family for 12 years. I have told them for years that they should be thankful that they even knew their great-grandmother….I never really got to know any of my grandparents, much less my great grandparents. So, ok…I’ll stop with sad things and get to sharing the few layouts I’ve been able to do lately! I’ve surely been having scrap withdrawal!!!

Chance on Halloween. This was done using Spooksville by Amanda Dykan and Melissa Bennett for Ladybug’s Inspiration Challenge at Digital Scrap Garden.

This was done for Dee’s grab bag challenge at Digital Scrap Garden. All things here by Dee’s Delightful Designs.

This was done for the Scraplift Challenge at Digital Scrap Garden. I used Lakehouse kit by ChrissyW and Angie Kovacs.

This was done for the desktop challenge at do a desktop for Dec. I used Ritzy Lulu by Flutter Expressions for this one!

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