Ok.. So I’m a bad bad blogger!!! It’s been crazy around here with Halloween and all!! Chance had a great time and I decided that I am getting toooo old for the trick or treat thing, especially on these hills LOL But speaking of old…well, tomorrow is my birthday 🙂 I’ll be 43..ack.. and I want to take a sec and share my bithday present 🙂 I have some layouts too, but I will come back later and put those up…for now, just my present!!

9 Replies to “Lookie!!!”

  1. Wow, nice! You know what my birthday present was (is going to be, since I already got it early) this year? Some digi-scrapping kits from da wench! Oh wait, that’s a great present too, hehe.Hope you have a great day.


  2. WOW!! How cool is that.. If turning 43 means I get a new Big Wheel then I’m all for it.. even though when I turned 30 this year it was hard to swallow.. no more 20’s…sob,sob… lol.. anyhow.. Happy Birthday!!! I will stop by soon!


  3. Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday To you… Happy Birthday Lucky hummer driving awesome chica! LOLLOVE the pressie- Hope you had a great day


  4. And a belated happy birthday to you from me! I think I was too shellshocked with the pressie, when I stopped by on the Second to commment! What an awesome present – love the colour! hope you had a great day – driving?!HugsKerri


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