Well, here it is…My exciting news! I’m for sale!! Well, partly me LOL Check it out!!

These are some quickpages I made for Katherine aka Flutter Expressions with her fantastic kit The Trendiest!! They are on sale at Been There Scrapped That!! Woo Hooo…I never sold anything before and don’t know if I will now but it’s still exciting. If you want to take a peek at ’em, just click here and it will take you right to them. They are $2.75 and you get a bonus page with purchase!! A big big thanks to Katherine!!

7 Replies to “Woot!!”

  1. AWESOME!!!! I know how exciting it is too!! Whenever you want to do the same with my kits… I’ll put you in the shoppe!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I’m so happy for you…. see you at the garden.. {{HUGS}}


  2. Just dropping by to say “good Morning”. Congratulations on having your QPs in the shoppe!I have a little something for you on my blog….drop by to pick it up!See ya’ at the garden!


  3. Just stopping by to say hi, and guess what I plugged your quickpages at DST, someone was looking for elegant Quickpages, yours came straight to my mind!Hope you are keeping well!CU aroundHugsKerri


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