Super Saturday?

Is it for you? Just house cleaning going on here today..not sure how super that is LOL. But….I got it all done today and can relax a bit tomorrow. Unless the crunching sound I hear from the other room is Chance crunching Doritos all over the floor I swept and mopped!! I am in Aaron’s room, which used to be my “office” until Chance came along and we had to create another bedroom. But my office chair is still here and my desk and this is where my printer/scanner sits. I’ve been trying to scan a few pictures tonight while I had a little down time 🙂

WELL….I went to check and sure enough, there was Chance with his Mater truck full of Dorito crumbs rolling right along through the pile of Doritos spread from the living room to the kitchen!! So, I yelled a bit…put him in time out…where he cried “I want my daddy”. Daddy comes downstairs and what does he do? Back me up? Help with the mess? Give Chance a stern talking to? Nope! He laughs his a** off!! Sighhhhh
Anyway…Mainly I came here to post some layouts I’ve done lately LOL

This one was done using a template by Cate, available at DSG…she is so talented. And the kit was done by one of the members at DSG, Lynn Adams, for the color challenge. She did such a great job!

This was done for a challenge at DSG…Everything here is from Mellow Twang by WenchdGraphix and the fabulous Double D’s…It was a blog freebie for Kristine’s b’day 🙂

This was done for a challenge at Groovy Scraps. The template is by Rose McDigital Designs and the kit is Brighter Tomorrows by Alma Townsend at Get Digi With It.

This was done for the Miracle Gro Challenge at DSG…what a cool challenge. Everything here is by Ladybug Graphix, except the word art by Bethany.

Not so scary, huh? This was for a challenge at BTST. I made the costume for Morgan. It was wayyyy cute, but hard to walk in…she was a bubble bath 🙂 The kit is Spooksville by Amanda Dykan and Melissa Bennett.

2 Replies to “Super Saturday?”

  1. Hiya honey…. sounds like you have your hands full…. LOL LOL I am so glad my youngins are almost grown!!! and of course…. the “dads” always think its funny… so do I..LOL LOL Great layouts, and I will see you later… {{HUGS}}


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