Just Some Layouts

Just some layouts to share that I did today with morning coffee and while watching football (Eagle’s lost again 😦 and Cowboys won, so hubby is gloating..ahhhhh). Not much else to report except DS #1 FINALLY found got a job. He worked all summer but needed a new one with after school hours! He’ll be working at KFC 🙂

This is my BIL and my niece at the b’day party yesterday. For this layout I used Colie’s Template at Been There Scrapped That and the Fall Feeling Collaboration kit at BTST!

This was for a challenge at GDWI to use only what’s “in the box”. I used Connie Prince’s Birds of a Feather kit at GDWI and the alpha is from Caren’s Mango kit at DSG!

This is a 2-pager I did for a challenge at GDWI. The template is by amyu and inspired by ScraftyGirl at GDWI. The kit I used is Ahhhh Autumn by Connie Prince at GDWI.

3 Replies to “Just Some Layouts”

  1. Hiya honey…love the layouts! I’ve been kinda scarce lately, huh? I’ll get better…. glad that he got a job, so did mine for after school… it does help with gas!! Ok, hugs, and see you at the garden 🙂


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