Ho, Hum!

Not so much going on….Same ‘ole, same ‘ole it seems! Work is work! Home is home LOL. Today brought the usual house cleaning which I started earlier than usual today so I don’t have much left over to do tomorrow 🙂 This evening we went to a b’day party for my 2 neices. Their birthdays are really the 8th and 11th but the older one is in visiting from college this weekend. She will be 20 next weekend…wow…that’s really hard to believe. She is in her 3rd year at Marshall University studying Chinese! The younger one will be 15…she is the wild child 🙂 I did manage to get a couple of layouts done for challenges this morning while all was quiet!
Here are those and some others I’ve done since the last post 🙂

This was done for the Oct. Template Challege at DSG. Template and Mango kit by Carena at DSG!

For the Desktop Challenge at DSG. I used Absolute Boy by Dancing Princess Designs at DSG.

This was done for another challenge at DSG and also uses Absolute Boy by Dancing Princess Designs.

For the Word Challenge at Been There Scrapped That using Autumn Wonderland by Flutter Expressions.

This was done for the Inspiration Challenge at DSG. It was done using Just Fun by Ladybug Graphix at DSG.

Another DSG challenge…done using The Birthday Collaboration Kit!!

And another DSG Challenge. A grab bag of goodies by Ladybug Graphix!

For the Weeds and Wildflowers Challenge at DSG…also using the Birthday Collaboration Kit!

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