Good Lord, I don’t know where today went!! I cleaned house most of the day and am still not finished!! I had to do the WalMart thing this evening….just got back from there!! I think there has only been once that I have gone in and come out of that place without saying “I hate WalMart”! And I was so stressed by the time I left there that I didn’t even get my peanut butter filled pretzels :(. I’m going to put up a layout I did this morning before I started cleaning and then I am off to eat something and hopefully relax a little!

This was done using that Fantastic Just Fun Kit by Ladybug Graphix at Digital Scrap Garden!

3 Replies to “Sheesh!”

  1. Hiya Jan…Everytime you say peanut butter pretzels I drool…checked out WalMart yesterday up here and they dont have ’em…dammit…yet another reason to go to the States besides to get Squeeze Cheeze!! LOL


  2. Walmart is an evil place but one of those necessary evils. How do you go into that place and buy only what you need, I never have. Super Walmarts are even worse, go in for in a haircut come out with a wagon of stuff scary place lol


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