Good Lord, I don’t know where today went!! I cleaned house most of the day and am still not finished!! I had to do the WalMart thing this evening….just got back from there!! I think there has only been once that I have gone in and come out of that place without saying “I hate WalMart”! And I was so stressed by the time I left there that I didn’t even get my peanut butter filled pretzels :(. I’m going to put up a layout I did this morning before I started cleaning and then I am off to eat something and hopefully relax a little!

This was done using that Fantastic Just Fun Kit by Ladybug Graphix at Digital Scrap Garden!


3 thoughts on “Sheesh!

  1. Kristine says:

    Hiya Jan…Everytime you say peanut butter pretzels I drool…checked out WalMart yesterday up here and they dont have ’em…dammit…yet another reason to go to the States besides to get Squeeze Cheeze!! LOL


  2. Mojo says:

    Walmart is an evil place but one of those necessary evils. How do you go into that place and buy only what you need, I never have. Super Walmarts are even worse, go in for in a haircut come out with a wagon of stuff scary place lol


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