What a week!!

Wow…what a week it’s been!! I have sworn every day that someone is out to get me this week!! Some bad karma, I suppose LOL who knows! I just know it’s been something every single day! Work stuff mostly, so I won’t bore you with the detail but I really think some people there are flying in a blue dream or living in some other world these days!! And as they fly over, they are crapping on my head LOL. Hope next week is better!! Only problem is I have to finish all the things piled on me this week. Evidently now I am Super Woman hahahaha! I am so underpaid!

On a brighter note….the party is in full swing at DSG!! If you haven’t made it over to check out all the great deals and fun stuff going on in the Parlor you need to!! Such great ladies there and no drama!! Just what I need! I haven’t been able to participate as I would like because this week I’ve just come home worn out!!

I do have one layout in particular to share!! First I want to show you the kit! It was designed by a great friend who I have mentioned here before…Dawne aka Ladybug Graphix. She is such a wonderful friend and just a super sweet person! She designed this kit for me! After hubby and I went to shoot pool for our anniversary, she got busy and came up with this:

Isn’t it fantastic!!! And I just see so many uses for it…wayyy beyond the pool stuff! It’s on sale in the store right now for $3!! Here is the first layout I did with it…the first of many!!

Love you, Ladybug!!!

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