Same ole’!!

Not a whole lot to report but I thought it was time for an update!! Biggest thing on my calendar is the big Birthday Bash at DSG!! It’s going to be sooo much fun!! And lots of give-aways!! Come one over and join in!!! Kick-off is Thursday!!!!

Here in my world it’s same ole’ s*** different day, as my daddy would say 🙂 Eagles won, Mountaineers lost, Cowboys won so hubby is happy! I’ll get right on with posting some layouts that I’ve done the last couple of days….I haven’t scrapped much and I’m having withdrawal…I don’t think I’ve ever been this late in the month finishing challenges LOL

This was Morgan’s Preschool Graduation! I used Purple Flavors by Ladybug Graphix soon to be released at Digial Scrap Garden!! And a Template by Cate – absolutartist1 at DSG!!

This was done using Harvest Fun by Liz – Sweet Digi Scraps at Been There Scrapped That!

This was done for the latest installment of Miracle Gro with Ladybug at Digital Scrap Garden! All things Ladybug Graphix.

This was done for the Mix My Scrapbook Challenge at Been There Scrapped That. These are hard for me because you can only use what is in the “recipe”. I used all things Flutter Expressions except the green polka dot paper and that is by Scraps by Jenn.

I did this one for the quickpage exchange at Been There Scrapped That using their Back to School Kit!

OMGOSH…I almost forgot!! I have found a new LOVE!!! Peanut butter filled pretzels!! I found them at Dollar General first but the WalMart also has them! 97 cents a bag and I am addicted!! Kinda like Combos only much better, I think!!

4 Replies to “Same ole’!!”

  1. Great pages!! If that’s a slump then pass it on to me. I haven’t even started Ladybug’s Miracle Gro part 2 yet and she released it early for me. {gulp} Looking forward to the birthday bash. I think it’s gonna be lots of fun.


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