Ohhhh Yeah!

I made the CT at Been There Scrapped That!! I’ve been an active part of that site since almost it’s beginning, so I am tickled to death to be a part of the team. I have followed Liz from almost my beginning days at Scrapbook Flair!

Also, I got this wonderful award from Mojo!! What a great person she is. She is one of the new designers at DSG and a new friend of mine! She is loads of fun and also one super sweet lady!!

To use her words: All too often we here about the nasty ways of designers and scrappers in smack blogs and bitter chats. With that in thought I feel that there are just as many wonderful scrappers and designers out there and they should be awarded for their efforts. Whether because they take time to say thank you for freebies, or do something special to help another.
Now this award is neither fancy or or blingy but it comes from the heart. Here are some wonderful ladies that deserve this award. Pass it along to others you feel deserve a pat on the back for making the scrapping community beautiful.

Dawne – aka Ladybug: From me too!! Thanks for making the scrapping world a much better place! You are awesome!!
Kerri – aka KayJay: One super sweet lady who is always there with a wonderful comment or encouragement.
Leigh – aka tricertifiedx2: another sweetie who always has kind words and love to leave.
Katherine – aka FlutterExpressions: Terrific designer and a sweetheart of a person!
Dee – aka Dee’s Delightful Designs: What a terrific person and the queen of all us goofy dorks
Nancy – aka Pockets55: She is such a fabulous person. So kind and sweet and so much fun to hang out with at the garden.

There are so many others I could name…anyone who even comes here to look at this blog….you are all such sweeties and I love you all! And for sure right back at ya, Mojo!!

3 Replies to “Ohhhh Yeah!”

  1. You have been a busy lady!! Just checking in on you, and what a sweet little surprise I got!! Thank You soooo much, from the bottom of my meger little heart. You are a wonderful lady!! Love all the LO’s you have been putting out lately…sorry if I have missed any in the gallery. Keep up the AWESOME work!! Blessings Girl!!


  2. Congrats on making the CT at Been There Scrapped That! Your layouts are so awesome, I know you will be a great addition to their team!!Thank you for the Sweety Award!! Wow, I am so touched! You and everyone else make Digital Scrap Garden such an amazing place to hang out! Thank you for so totally making my day!!


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