*Sigh* and Some Good Stuff, too!

Well, of course the big *sigh* is because of having to go back to work tomorrow! But I won’t get in to that LOL Want to know what I did to celebrate my last weekend of vacation? Well, I did get to go out to eat….Friday at Texas Steakhouse and Saturday at The Villa Italian Restaurant (omgosh do they have this fabulous Pasta Diablo…it is to die for!) I ate leftovers today 🙂 But other than that I bought a new………VACUUM!! LMAO!! I really needed one, but gosh I hated spending money on that….there so many other neat little geeky things I’d like to have. I have my eye on the cutest little 500GB EHD at Best Buy! Yep, geek! So,the rest of my weekend was spent vacuuming and mopping and other cleaning things….making sure the laundry is caught up and everything is in pretty good order since my time will be more limited!

As far as the good stuff…..the designer competition at Digital Scrap Garden is over…..and our Goofy Dorkdom has 6 new designers!!! How fabulous is that! They are: Dancing Princess Designs, Dee’s Delightful Designs, Magick Scraps, Irish Eyes, Scrapfiends, and Designs by TiffanyM! They are all fantastic ladies and a great asset to the site! Come check them out!!!

I have done a couple of layouts this weekend….

This was done using the fabulous Dust in the Wind Kit by Ladybug Graphix at DSG!

This was done using the fabulous kit Dust in the Wind by Ladybug Graphix at DSG!! And a template by Chrissy W. She has terrific stuff at Elemental Scraps.

2 Replies to “*Sigh* and Some Good Stuff, too!”

  1. good morning, I just wanted to let you know I will be thinking of you on your first day of work! I’m sure you will have fun really.Oh and did you know that the smiley face on the groovy scraps blinkie winks?! My boys are stood here copying it! Well, Robert is copying it and Richard is holding one eye shut with his fingers! So cute!Take care HugsKerri


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