Wilson, the sequel!

Pretty busy day today 🙂 Morgan and I took Chance to visit his Day Care and make sure they were ready for him back on Monday. I think he is ready to go back and have his friends to play with…mom is not near as much fun! We ate lunch at Subway and stopped at our local fish store to see what they had that might live longer than the walmart fish. We ended up with a pretty blue betta. And yep, his name is Wilson. I have no idea where Chance got that name but it’s his fish soooooo. One more official day that is summer vacation *sigh*. I don’t count the weekend because I always have them off. Next week we won’t have kids…just meetings and prep stuff…and I will have a 4 day weekend next weekend before the kids come back 🙂 It’s busy for me til then though because, being dept. chair I am in charge of scheduling all the teacher assistants into classrooms for support. Last year we were covering 53 classes over the course of a day. I also do a list for all the reg ed teachers so that they know who in their class is a student with special needs, what accommodations they require, and if they will have inclusion assistance. Makes for a lot of take home work for me the first few days because they keep us in meetings while we are actually there. We will be hiring a new teacher asst. very soon…one of our best got a full time teaching position…great for her!!!! Here’s hoping I don’t get asked to do interviews…..I so hate doing them!! I had one chick pretty much attack me once when she didn’t get the job, saying I hired someone because they were my friend…pffffft I didn’t even know her LOL It’s a small community!! I live 35 miles away in a whole other state…Let me tell you, it has it’s advantages!!! Ok, enough rambling and too soon to start stressing over work! LOL Here’s the latest layouts 🙂

This is the final part of the Miracle Gro Layout that I posted earlier! All things from Ladybug Graphix at Digital Scrap Garden! This was a fun challenge!!

This was for a challenge at Get Digi With It. Background paper from November Rain by Carjazi. Blue flower and frame from Heavenly Bliss by Amanda Dykan at Get Digi With It. Other flowers and torn strip from Strawberries and Creme by Ladybug Graphix at Digital Scrap Garden. Cardboard cirle by Colie’s Creations and part of the Mr. Mister kit by the designers at Been There Scrapped That

These were all done for Katherine – Flutter Expressions CT. The first was using Primary Dreamer and the other two using Soft Storm. They are available at Been There Scrapped That!!

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