Well, I guess it’s time for a little update 🙂 Not a whole lot going on to talk about…. I installed Photoshop CS3 Extended yesterday 🙂 I’m playing around with it to see what all it can do! I know there will never be a day I know all there is to know about PS, but I get by LOL. Hubby amazes me with what he can do with it. He is Adobe Certified and has done graphics for years….He is damn good! All I want to do for the time being is make pretty little scrapbook pages LOL. He wants to help me build a website, which I’ve done a little of…but I don’t know…tasks like that give me little mini anxiety attacks LOL. I’m just so impatient and once I start something I just want it done NOW!
Anyway…worked inside the house yesterday and outside the house today…grilled steaks…had a beer LOL Not much else to report. One more week of summer vacation…Man, it’s gone by sooooooooooooo fast! I’ve got a couple of layouts for challenges at GDWI but I’m gonna post them tomorrow 🙂
Hope you all had a terrific weekend!!!!!

One Reply to “Weekends!”

  1. Sounds like you and I are very much alike!! I’m very impatient too and this html course I am taking is frustrating me to no end…I might as well have taken a class in Greek..LOL


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