Busy, busy, busy!!

Wow!! It’s been a busy few days with not a lot of time for scrapping or blogging or playing in the Garden 🙂 We left for the zoo on Saturday morning around 7, drove 3 hours, walked 5 miles, and then drove home. Chance had a great time seeing all the animals…hubby, not so much LOL…no smoking in the zoo! I guess I’m used to it because of work and such so it didn’t bother me much 🙂
So Sunday morning I get up thinking I’m going to do some scrappin’ and relaxin’…but nooooooo…hubby comes downstairs and says “They have that computer I want at Best Buy in Christiansburg” (which is an hour away) and off we go! Of course I love Best Buy!! Geek paradise! I ended up with the cutest laptop bag!
So today, hubby is back at work ahhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂 now I can relax and scrap and stuff 🙂 But nooooooooooooooooooo….he wasn’t able to get his wireless adapter to work with the new computer so guess who got that job 🙂 After 2 hours and lots of research, I finally found the drivers he needs and get him online….what would he ever do without me! LOL DD also started Encore (school choir group) practice today, so there was some running around to do. I did get a couple of pages done today for the fun new challenges at DSG! Check ’em out if you get a chance!! I’ll get those posted tomorrow…ahhhhhh tomorrow 🙂 maybe………… hehee

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