New Kit from Ladybug..A hybrid (eek)…And a couple of layouts!

Lookie ya’ll! Ladybug has this fabulous new kit at Digital Scrap Garden and for a little while it’s on sale 30% off!! Isn’t it gorgeous!!

Let’s see…what do I have to report today? Waiting on a really sunny day to go to the pool…it’s been on and off showers the last couple of days. Yesterday I took the kids out to lunch at the Mexican restaurant (yum), then I let them have the privilege of watching me get my nails filled in LOL, then we went to the dreaded WalMart. This is how bad my little one is in there – We get to the checkout and he is pitching his fit about candy bars and such and the cashier looks at him and says “Are you crying AGAIN” LOL He already has a reputation at The WalMart! LOL

I finally broke down and tried a hybrid project eeeeeeek….It’s far from perfect, but DD likes it so I guess that’s all that matters…. I did, however remember why I don’t do crafty stuff LOL. Here it is:

And a couple of layouts I did for challenges and stuff yesterday and this morning:

Ths was done using Primary Dreamer by Flutter Expressions at BTST.

This was done for a challenge at DSG to create a tag from a fab template by Nathfunstuff. The rest of the layout is done using Tequila Sunrise by MK Designs at The Digi Chick.

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