Friendly Reminders :)

Ahhhhh friendly reminders that I haven’t posted since Sunday LOL I am such a procrastinator….in addition to being obstinant, bratty, goofy, dorky, and perhaps petulant LOL Or so I’ve been told!! I’m such a sweetheart….honest!
Well, let’s see, what’s been going on….Been spending some free time over at the Garden playing some games and basically just being a goofy dork! The designer contest is still going on if you want to get over there, register and vote…You can also get all the contestants mini kits for free!!! We spent most of the day Monday and Tuesday at the pool. It’s fun….little guy is loving it! Today we had to take DD to get her braces on….did I say still no money from the ex and he is gone on vacation grrrrrrr! While she was there for an hour and a half I took the little guy up the road to the play place at McDonalds……..Oh MY!!! He loved it, me not so much LOL I have decided after observation that is the place where grandparents and fathers take their children to keep them occupied if they are in charge of them LOL. I’m debating on whether or not to get all the web functions on my cell phone…I have Sprint service…just changed to a cheaper plan and for what I was paying I can get all that stuff on my phone…hmmmm….I just have talk and unlimited text now….
That’s the last few days in a nutshell LOL
Now….layouts I’ve done….let me see if I can figure out what I haven’t posted

This was the swearing in ceremony for my son into the Army National Guard. I used Freedom by Liz – Sweet Digi Scraps at BTST.

This was for a scraplift challenge at The Digi Chick. I used My Little Sweethearty by Flutter Expressions.

For this one I used Retro Fun by Flutter Expressions

Another one using Retro Fun by Flutter Expressions.

For the Replant Your Desktop Challenge at Digital Scrap Garden. Template by Ladybug Graphix and using Serendipity Beauty by Ladybug…white background by Karen Wallace.

This one was done using Adventure Dreams by Pri Rocha at The Digi Chick.

This one was done using Serendipity Beauty by Ladybug Graphix at DSG.

GEEZ I gotta update more often LOL! Hope everyone has a good evening 🙂

4 Replies to “Friendly Reminders :)”

  1. I think I have lost my mind! I thought for sure I had blog visited yesterday…but hmmmm, yep, the mind is gone! Love those layouts kiddo…. and the underwear is too cute. PM me with your cell#, and we can text like teenagers… LOL..our kids will think we’re nuts!!! Have a great day…. How do the braces look? {{HUGS}}


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