Wild Wonderful Wednesday?

Hahaha not so much!! Just a Wednesday pretty much! Wednesday is also known as “trash day” here…gotta make sure it’s all out tonight because they run soooo early in the morning. Finally got the last of the trash bags from my house overhaul out of here! I think I probably had 30-40 bags of just plain crap I cleaned out of closets and drawers! I could get rid of a lot more I’m sure! I know my trash issues are incredibly exciting but I have to move on….
DD got her spacers on about 10 this morning and by noon one was out already! Sheesh! I had to hang around here this afternoon because the Recruiter was coming to pick up DS to take him to his MEPS processing. We ended up back at the dentist around 4 only for them to say they were not going to put it back in…sigh! Tomorrow we go to see DS sworn in to the National Guard….they said he will swear in differently from the other branches because his contract with them will start as soon as he takes the oath….the others don’t start until after basic training. He is getting a $20,000 signing bonus! WTH… maybe I should join LOL I’m too old 😦 Not sure it’s a wise idea to put that money in the hands of a 17 year old…Maybe he’ll have some sense! Maybe…..
I did do one layout last night when I couldn’t sleep…What’s more rare than a photo of DS #1? DS #1 with mom! LOL We really have been through it the last year or so and maybe one day I can get in to all of it….but I guess not just yet!
I just love this kit called Strawberries and Cream by Ladybug Graphix at Digital Scrap Garden!! Such a great group of ladies there! It’s a lot of fun…come check it out!!!!

One Reply to “Wild Wonderful Wednesday?”

  1. I didn’t get around to blogging this morning, but wanted to come by and say hi! (not that we don’t talk all the time at the garden! hehe) Thanks Jan, for all you do… {{HUGS}}


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