It is Tuesday? Right? Ever since vacation, I am confused on the day LOL What to report today? Well, I’m trying to get hold of my ex to see if he is going to help me out with braces for DD. She goes tomorrow for spacers and we have to have $1000 up front! Sheesh! Thursday is the day we go to see DS sworn in to the National Guard. But today is….well…nothing….just catching up on laundry from the trip. And I have a cold 😦 I think I am allergic to coming home from the beach! I’m about to overdose on Sponge Bob! DD and DS #2 have busied themselves with dressing the dog and cat in old clothes…like it’s not hot enough for them in their fur coats!! I did get a couple of layouts done….. I have so many new pictures to use!!

This was done for a challenge at BTST. I used Edeline Design’s Pieces of Me. It’s available at The DigiChick.

I used Little Blue Kit by Candice Wong at Purple Paper Flowers
Sketch by Jule inspired by the layout Special Day by Melli (Lia Designs) at The Digi Chick
Alpha from Punky Girl by Pri Rocha at TheDigiChick
Another layout using Edeline Designs’ Pieces of Me. This was done for a challenge at PPF.
For this one I used Adventure Dreams by Pri Rocha at The Digi Chick. I bought 2 of her kit with a $10 coupon I won for participating in their challenges.

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