YAY! An Award for ME!!!

Look at me blogging two days in a row hahaha! But I just had to today! I got the nicest, sweetest surprise 🙂 *all smiles* One of the wonderful ladies at Been There Scrapped That, Kerri aka KayJay gave me this award:
It just tickled me to death. She said on her blog that I wouldn’t expect it in the least and she was right 🙂 If you haven’t checked out BTST, you should. It’s a fabulous site with just the sweetest people and Kerri is among the best!
So now I must pass it on to some other sweet ladies:
First up…Judy: I first met Judy on Scrapbook Flair when I first started digiscrapping. She is a dear dear person. I check out her blog every day (yes, I’m a stalker lol) but I just love seeing how she captures her family, watching them grow, and all the love they share! Her layouts have always been inspirational to me. Thanks for giving us all a glimpse into your family, Judy!
Next….Linda: I just love looking at her layouts of her family. She, too, is very sweet and does some beautiful work. I stop by there pretty often and am always impressed. Thanks to you, Linda 🙂
Next….Carol: Again, I just love looking in on a little piece of her life. I am nosey, yes I am 🙂 And in addition to doing some fabulous layouts, Carol also has some beautiful designs that she is so kind as to give away! You can find them here. Another very sweet lady!!!
Next….Pascale aka Pelin Designs: I have loved her work since pretty much the first day I started digiscrapping. She is an amazing designer and has created some of the most gorgeous layouts. She also has some gorgeous freebies!
Last but not least……Gerri: I have to say…her layouts make me seriously laugh out loud. Some of them are beautiful, but some of them are sooo gosh darn funny!! When I visit there, I for sure leave with a smile!
There are many others that I visit fairly regularly, and they are all wonderful in different ways. I love the little glimpses into the lives of others. I’m that person that sits at the mall and just watches people. Yep, nosey! hahaha Thanks to all you ladies for making me smile…and Kerri…thanks again for making my day 🙂

One Reply to “YAY! An Award for ME!!!”

  1. Hi there,I am so pleased I gave you a nice surprise! I’ll be MIA for a while now (got a wedding to go to!)Now I am off to see which blogs you visit!HugsKerri


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