Sheesh…. Where is time going? Been awhile since I have gotten here to update. It seems like everything is going nonstop these days. It gets this way this time every year and then in about a month it all comes to a dead stop! For the first week or so after school is out I am just kind of a zombie. Anyway, I am going to try to post some of the layouts I’ve done since I last posted, if I can remember which ones hahahaha. I’ve been working on challenges at Been there Scrapped that and Digital Scrap Garden. They are both great sites with wonderful people!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful Mother’s Day!!!!

Kit: Get Dirty Designer: Liz – Sweet Digi Scraps

Template and Kit (Street Beat Blue) by Carena

Kit: Boy ta foil Designer: Paisley Blues

Kit: Spring Rain Designer: GABhappyscrap

Kit: Saturday in the Park Designer: Linda Walton – Bonscrapatit

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